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Ansible and AWS Tips

30 Mar 2016

I’ve been using Ansible to provision resources on AWS. Here is a collection of tips and things I wish I’d know before starting.

Eloquent Ruby

28 May 2015

My notes on Russ Olsen’s excellent book Eloquent Ruby. These aren’t meant to be full and complete notes they’re just things I want to remember; for more details see the book.

Devops and Old Git Branches

25 Mar 2015

A guest blog post I wrote on managing git branches when doing devops.

When doing Devops we all know that using source code control is a “good thing” — indeed it would be hard to imagine doing Devops without it. But if you’re using Puppet and R10K for your configuration management you can end up having hundreds of old branches lying around — branches like XYZ-123, XYZ-123.fixed, XYZ-123.fixed.old and so on.

Linux filename suffixes

30 Nov 2012

When creating files in Linux (and other OS’s) there’s the usual convention of .txt for text files, .c for C files, etc - you just pick them up as you go along.

Ubuntu Minimal + Xmonad

11 Nov 2012

I’m tired of Ubuntu’s latest desktop mess offering (Unity). I’ve been trying lots of DE’s (Desktop Environments) and WM’s (Window Managers), and I’ve finally settled on one I luuuuurv - Xmonad.

Learning Clojure - my books

11 May 2012

I’ve been playing with Lisp and now Clojure for a couple of years now. Here’s a list of the books I’ve read on my journey to Clojure enlightenment (I’ve still got a long way to go…).

Gnu Screen - split screens

18 Mar 2012

One of the features I’ve always wished Gnu screen had was the ability to split a screen horizontally, so you can for example run a grep or mc in the top half of the terminal, and some commands in the bottom half.

RFC 1178 and server naming

4 Oct 2011

Whenever I come across servers with names like chpvuat01, I’m reminded of [RFC 1178][1] “Choosing a name for your computer”. Especially when ch stands for crack house, pv stands for paid verbiage, but uat doesn’t stand for user acceptance testing: the box used to be in UAT, was moved to SIT (System Integration Testing), but kept it’s old name because renaming it would be too hard.

git – rebase and push script

18 Jul 2011

For development projects, I use the standard git workflow ie master is my main branch, and I do development in branches (read more about this recommended workflow at [A successful Git branching model][1]**).

Script to correct first day of week in en_AU locale

25 Oct 2009

I blogged [previously][1] about how the Australian locale in Ubuntu incorrectly uses Sunday rather than Monday as the first day of the week, and how to manually fix it. Unfortunately, whenever the locale gets updated (eg via one of Ubuntu’s regular package updates), the locale reverts and you have to manually fix it again.


10 Jul 2009

ipcalc – a tool I used to use years ago but had forgotten about.

vino y vinagre

14 Mar 2009

I got a pleasant surprise last night – well pleasant for the Spanish spea[][1]king part of my brain, anyway.

dpkg-reconfigure debconf

23 Feb 2009
Note to brain (because I keep forgetting it and having to look it up) – to reconfigure level and style of questions asked by dpkg (and hence apt): dpkg-reconfigure debconf

vim modelines

8 Jan 2009

I can never remember what those comments that change vim settings are called, and spend hours trawling through vim’s help.

sfdisk, RAID

4 Dec 2008

A useful tool I came across last night (thanks Rodrigo) – sfdisk – “Partition table manipulator for Linux”.

Disable Evolution notifications in Ubuntu

16 Apr 2008

I’ve just started using Evolution to access the hExchange server at work, and it keeps on popping up new email notifications (even though I’ve disabled it in Evolution and restarted X) – too much like Winblows for my likings.

Linux ACLs

22 Oct 2007

Linux ACLs (Access Control Lists) can be a bit difficult at first – here’s my understanding of how they work:

beat image spam with procmail

4 Feb 2007

I blogged a while ago about [using FuzzyOcr for detecting image spam][1]. My FuzzyOcr isn’t working and at the moment I haven’t got time to fix it, so I wrote a procmail recipe to solve the problem instead:

pgp tools

28 Jan 2007

A useful collection of scripts for helping with pgp, including caff – a script that helps you in keysigning In Debian, these tools are included in the [signing-party][1] package. There’s also a writeup about how to use them effectively (addressed to the participants of LCA2006) [here][2].

share a screen session

17 Jul 2006

[Screen][1] is a really useful console tool that allows you to copy and paste text, scroll back through screen output, reattach if you lose your connection, and so on. One useful trick is sharing a screen between 2 or more users, so you can see what each other is doing whilsts typing – useful for learning or solving a difficult problem (see also [LinuxQuestions.Org][2]).

visual diff tools

21 Jun 2006

I usually use vimdiff to find the differences between two files; here are some gui tools that do the same thing:

Telstra evdo MiniMax on Ubuntu

10 Mar 2006

A while ago I bought a [account][1] from Telstra for roaming wireless on my laptop – it uses a Maxon MiniMax [MM-5500U][2] to connect on the CDMA phone network. I got this rather than other wireless products as I was going to be doing some work in Perth, and this was the only network that had coverage.