Midnight Commandar mc notes

27 Sep 2011

Midnight Commander (mc) is mostly obvious, but there’s a few things I regularly forget and have to look up.

  • to select (or “tag”) multiple items, use the Insert key, or ctrl-t (eg when on a Macbook)
  • use @ to do an operation on tagged files (or F2 menu, @). For example tag some files, reverse the selection (***** or F9, File, Reverse Selection), then @ git rm
  • any sort of compressed or package file (.deb, .tgz, .iso, .rpm, etc):
    • F3 (view) to get an overview of the package
    • Enter to browse the package contents, then eg F3 to view the file or F5 to copy the file out
  • to jump back and forth to the command line (“subshell support”), use ctrl-o to hide mc, then ctrl-o to return from the subshell to mc

Taken from Jane Tembath’s MC Tutorial. See also the mc faq.

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