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28 Jan 2007

A useful collection of scripts for helping with pgp, including caff – a script that helps you in keysigning In Debian, these tools are included in the signing-party package. There’s also a writeup about how to use them effectively (addressed to the participants of LCA2006) here.

Download, install and configure the latest version (if distro’s version is old):

sudo aptitude install libtext-template-perl gnupg-agent
 sudo dpkg -i signing-party_0.4.9-1_all.deb
 cp /usr/share/doc/signing-party/caff/caffrc.sample .caffrc
 vi .caffrc (change name, key, etc, add $CONFIG{'gpg-sign-args'} = "save";)

Configure caff’s gpg.conf:

$ cat .caff/gnupghome/gpg.conf
 encrypt-to 0xA8B77238

Check keyrings & produce a list of keys to sign:

cat *md5
 md5sum keylist.txt
 md5dum keyring.gpg
 grep ' pub ' keylist.txt | cut --characters=31-39 > foo

Sign and send them:

eval `gpg-agent --daemon`
 caff --no-export-old --mail --no-download --key-file keyring.gpg `cat foo`
  • * *Most keys can be imported in mutt by typing

ctrl-k. For those that can’t, save the message as a file then do:

gpg file | gpg --import
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