I love handbrakecli (and dd_rescue)

17 Feb 2010

I watch lots of (martial arts) instructional videos.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is “mashup” my own videos ie take a few chapters from one video, a few chapters from another video. Now I know how – handbreakcli:

First, rip the vobs off the dvd. You can work directly off the dvd with handbreak, but working from the hard-disk is often easier. I use dd_rescue for unencrypted dvds. (For scratched dvds, I’ve been using motorbike visor cleaner to remove the scratches, and myrescue).

for i in /media/cdrom/VIDEO_TS/* ; do
  j=`basename $i`
  dd_rescue $i $j

Use handbrakecli to scan the disk to find the titles and chapters:

./handbrake -i cd1/VIDEO_TS -t 0

Then convert to mp4’s split on chapters (in this case I’m taking chapters 2-18 from title 2, as individual files):

for i in `seq 2 18` ; do
  ./handbrake -i cd1/VIDEO_TS/ -t 2 -c $i -o cd1.t2.c${i}.mp4

Thanks to EngageMedia for their great articles. Another good site is videohelp.com

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