vino y vinagre

14 Mar 2009

I got a pleasant surprise last night – well pleasant for the Spanish spea[]1king part of my brain, anyway.

The vnc server on Ubuntu has been called vino for ages – Spanish (and Italian, Portuguese, etc) for wine. Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) onwards has a nice new application called Remote Desktop Viewer (Applications, Internet) – allows you to easily manage multiple vnc sessions, set bookmarks, etc. And this application is called vinagre – Spanish for vinegar.

Wine and Vinegar – nice :-)

Software Libre has opened up the world to developers from outside the West Coast of the US – we now have people from all over the world “scratching their itch”. For me this is one of the strongest assets of Linux and gives me a “warm inner glow”.

Last night I read Pia’s post about the situation in Iceland WRT to Micro$oft and Software Libre – maybe there will be a silver lining to the dire current financial situation. And the references to skulls and f!!cking made me smile, remembering the curses the old Warrant Officer used to give us in the army – “Cadet Fred if you don’t get your sh!t together I will personally come and rip your bl!!dy head off and skull-f!ck you in the eyes. What are you folding your arms for – only pregnant women and p!!fters fold their arms. Did you forget to get dressed when you got out of the rack this morning? Did you shave? Yes? What did you use – a brick? Cadet Mary – did you also forget to iron your uniform this morning? Don’t call me Sir, I work for a living. Everyone else down and give me 50, remind Cadet Mary to iron her uniform in the morning. DID I SAY YOU BAGS OF SH!T COULD LET GO OF YOUR RIFLES? DON’T YOU DARE VOMIT ON MY PARADE GROUND..” Someone forgot to tell him about PC :-)

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