HowTo upgrade Ubuntu with CDs to save bandwidth

9 Mar 2009

Notes from a recent post on SLUG:

  • you need to use one of the “Alternate” versions of Ubuntu, rather than a “Live” version. To quote Jeff Waugh:

Salient point that I managed to skip: The alternate CD has packages on it,

while the Live CD is just a great big compressed image of a filesystem. so

it won’t help with upgrades at all (yet 1).

1 Years ago there was some inspired brainstorming about ways to do this

very cleverly, but I don’t imagine it’s on the agenda at the moment. Net

connected upgrades are just so bloody convenient and simple (and ALL of the

developers have fantastic net connections, of course).

  • either insert the cd, and a dialogue box will pop up, or
  • mount the .iso, and run the install
sudo mount -o loop loop blah_alternate.iso /media/cdrom
gksu "sh /media/cdrom/cdromupgrade"

See also and

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