Syncing Palm Pilot with JPilot and visor on Ubuntu

4 May 2009

(Updated May/09 for Ubuntu 8.10/Ibex): for a long time I couldn’t get JPilot syncing with my Palm Pilot on Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.

Turns out I wasn’t reading my own instructions. here’s the cleaned up version:

  • load visor module sudo modprobe visor and check loaded lsmod | grep visor
  • add visor module to /etc/modules
  • click sync button on Palm Pilot and check USB devices are being created:
    • in one terminal, tail -f /var/log/syslog /var/log/messages
    • in a second terminal, check the ownership of links ls -al /dev/ttyUSB* and check you are a member of the appropriate group (usually dialout) grep dialout /etc/group
  • sudo aptitude install jpilot and start JPilot
  • read this step carefully: no need to change the Serial Port setting in Preferences – JPilot will pick up the correct one on the first sync (which is now unexpectedly Other rather than /dev/ttyUSBO or usb:)
  • read this step carefully: from jpilot File > Install User, click sync button on Palm Pilot, count to 5, then click Install User button in JPilot dialog box
  • click sync button on Palm Pilot, count to 5, then click Sync in JPilot
  • if syncing isn’t working (especially on a machine that’s been upgraded from an older version of Ubuntu), try closing JPilot, mv .jpilot .jpilot.bak, restarting JPilot, then doing the Install User steps again

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