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Script to correct first day of week in en_AU locale

25 Oct 2009

I blogged [previously][1] about how the Australian locale in Ubuntu incorrectly uses Sunday rather than Monday as the first day of the week, and how to manually fix it. Unfortunately, whenever the locale gets updated (eg via one of Ubuntu’s regular package updates), the locale reverts and you have to manually fix it again.

vino y vinagre

14 Mar 2009

I got a pleasant surprise last night – well pleasant for the Spanish spea[][1]king part of my brain, anyway.

dpkg-reconfigure debconf

23 Feb 2009
Note to brain (because I keep forgetting it and having to look it up) – to reconfigure level and style of questions asked by dpkg (and hence apt): dpkg-reconfigure debconf

Disable Evolution notifications in Ubuntu

16 Apr 2008

I’ve just started using Evolution to access the hExchange server at work, and it keeps on popping up new email notifications (even though I’ve disabled it in Evolution and restarted X) – too much like Winblows for my likings.

Telstra evdo MiniMax on Ubuntu

10 Mar 2006

A while ago I bought a [account][1] from Telstra for roaming wireless on my laptop – it uses a Maxon MiniMax [MM-5500U][2] to connect on the CDMA phone network. I got this rather than other wireless products as I was going to be doing some work in Perth, and this was the only network that had coverage.

ubuntu sources.list generator

28 Nov 2005

Site to generate an ubuntu sources.list for your preferred set of repositories. Just tick all repositories you want; the default set is selected automatically.