pdnsd on Ubuntu for faster dns

22 Jan 2008

Whilst traveling through Mexico and Guatemala, I’ve had various problems with slow and/or faulty dns resolution.

Here’s how to install pdnsd, in order to cache dns entries locally and speed up internet access in general (whether or not you’re in Guatemala.):

  • LANG= ; sudo apt-get update; sudo aptitude install pdnsd
  • sudo vi /etc/pdnsd.conf, add the following lines: <br /> server {<br /> label=OpenDNS;<br /> ip=;<br /> ip=;<br /> timeout=30;<br /> interval=30;<br /> uptest=ping;<br /> ping_timeout=50;<br /> purge_cache=off;<br /> }<br />

  • in the same file, comment out the resolvconf server: <br /> /*<br /> server {<br /> label="resolvconf";<br /> }<br /> */<br />

  • sudo vi /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf, and uncomment the line that says prepend domain-name-servers;

  • to prevent rebooting, sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf and insert as the first line nameserver Otherwise just reboot

  • sudo /etc/init.d/pdnsd restart (if not rebooting)

  • check name resolution using the host command eg host google.com should return about 6 lines of output – 3 lines saying google.com has address. and 3 lines saying google.mail is handled by.

Taken initially from bmt’s excellent article on Ubuntu Forums; I’ve written my own article as I want to add my own customisation as I understand the interactions between dhclient, resolvconf and NetworkManager. See also Steve’s article on Debian Administration.

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