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Devops and Old Git Branches

25 Mar 2015

A guest blog post I wrote on managing git branches when doing devops.

When doing Devops we all know that using source code control is a “good thing” — indeed it would be hard to imagine doing Devops without it. But if you’re using Puppet and R10K for your configuration management you can end up having hundreds of old branches lying around — branches like XYZ-123, XYZ-123.fixed, XYZ-123.fixed.old and so on.

git – rebase and push script

18 Jul 2011

For development projects, I use the standard git workflow ie master is my main branch, and I do development in branches (read more about this recommended workflow at [A successful Git branching model][1]**).

git hooks – prepare-commit-msg

22 Jun 2011

When I’m working with git, I like being able to see a list of files that have changed (new, modified, deleted, etc) in the commit message. So when I do a git log, rather than getting this: