LISP – downloading SICP videos, JRuby

5 May 2011

I’m busy learning LISP/Scheme at the moment (in order to later move on to Clojure).

And, improving my programming learning LISP is :-)

I’m following along with the MIT SICP videos, but got tired of manually downloading each video. So I wrote a quick little script to download all the videos – get_sicp. Next, a script for the UC Berkeley SICP videos (getting through the flash player should be a learning experience).

I’ve also been getting good mileage out of JRuby. I was complaining a few weeks ago about not being able to run Ruby on production servers (and therefore having to learn Python). Well JRuby is the perfect solution – installing/building Ruby on production servers is often verboten, but most production servers already have a JVM so installing JRuby in ${HOME} is a non-brainer and doesn’t litter /usr. Good: Ruby – fun, Python – .

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