BJJ – Brisbane 5 Mar 2011

14 Mar 2011

Results from the BJJ competition, Sat 5/Mar in Brisbane. I’ve left this too long, so a quick post.

My first grapple (no-gi) I submitted my opponent (Cara Johnson) by footlock in about 15 seconds, got declared the winner, then got disqualified a few minutes later by the head referee! (making Cara the winner) Reason being I rolled inwards on the footlock rather than outwards, thus putting unnecessary pressure on her knee (as you can see below. And my Left Foot position is a bit dodgy too). A rule that hadn’t lodged in my brain – I’ll remember it now :-)

My second grapple (gi) was again with Cara. Neither of us dominated the grapple, but I narrowly won on points.

Thanks Cara for being a strong but friendly opponent – I’m sure we’ll meet on the mats again!

My other team mates (Arron and Les) were both “on fire”. I didn’t get to see many of their grapples as I was working on the tables, but I did manage to record this one of Les:

Also, I got a video of Cara Johnson versus Laura Ng in the Opens. For some reason (a blond moment?) I didn’t enter into the Opens – duh!

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