OSX TunnelBlick Multiple OpenVPN Configurations error unable to copy

22 Dec 2013

When setting up TunnelBlick, if you have multiple configurations in your ~/Desktop/foo.tblk folder, you’ll get an error in the console log like:

Unable to copy file foo to /var/private/bar…

The solution comes from the TunnelBlick forum:

There is a way to install multiple configurations all at once: use a .tblk folder that contains only .tblk folders inside it. So you create a .tblk for each configuration file, put a bunch of them into a folder, and rename the folder with a .tblk. When you double-click that “outer” .tblk, you should be asked once if you want to install “n” configurations.

For example:

cd ~/Desktop/foo.tblk
for f in * ; do
  g=`basename $f`
  mkdir $g.tblk
  mv $f $g.tblk

Also, the .ovpn files will have “com.apple.quarantine” xattr’s. This may or may not cause problems. I removed them in this way:

for f in * ; do
  echo $f
  xattr -d com.apple.quarantine $f

Also, to remove old private configuration files:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations
rm -rf *

(or, click on VPN icon top right of screen, select ‘VPN Details’, +/- in the ‘Configurations’ tab).

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