MSR Whisperlite International Stove - Fuel Types

14 Jul 2013

I’ve just got a new MSR Whisperlite International Stove, as I couldn’t find a replacement fuel bottle for my old Coleman petrol stove.

The adapter for my old Coleman is the same diameter as the current fuel bottles, but a different thread pitch :-(

Here’s a list of the different fuels the MSR accepts, as well as the names of these fuels in different countries. There is also good information at the bottom of Zen Stoves’ Petrol Burning Stoves page.

Australia:     Shellite,                    Unleaded Petrol,     Kerosene
Spain:         Bencina Blanca,              Gasolina sin Plomo,  Parafina
France:        Petrole a bruler/Essence C,  Essence sans Plomb,  Kerosene
Netherlands:   Wasbenzine,                  Benzine,             Petroleum Lampolie
Germany/Switz: Kocherbenzin/Reinbenzin,     Autobenzin,          Petroleum
Japan:         White Gas,                   Gasoline,            Toy-yu
USA/Canada:    White Gas/Naptha,            Unleaded Auto Gas,   Kerosene
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