OSX, iPhone, iTunes – finer grained syncing

28 Jun 2011

iTunes’ syncing of movies and podcasts is a big lame – there’s not enough fine grained control.

For example, you can’t say “sync only this category of movies”, or “sync 30 minutes of podcast X, and 4 episodes of podcast Y, and only remove episodes of podcast Z after they’ve been listened to twice”. And at the moment I don’t have the time to migrate to Android and/or write my own podcast sync tools on Linux, so I’m stuck with iTunes/OSX. (I used to have some scripts for doing this for an ancient device, but device is dead and scripts are suffering from bit-rot).

One work around I’ve found is to categorise as much media as possible as either “Music” or “Music Videos”. You can then work with playlists and “smart” (sic) playlists to get a bit more control.

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