Exiting from consoles attached to Solaris zones

20 Jul 2010

When creating a new Solaris zone, one of the steps involves connecting to the zone’s console for the initial configuration:

# zlogin -C examplezone

The zone then runs through the sys-unconfig script, asking questions about hostname, timezone, etc. When this is finished, the doco says to exit from the console using the “~.” combination. But of course ssh grabs the “~” escape character and kills the entire ssh connection – aargghhh. Solution: different escape characters for the different ssh connections:

% ssh windows -e @                       # jump host for Cisco vpn, @ escape character
% ssh shamilton@ -p 8022 -e %     # connect to HP-NA, % escape character
NA>connect ts01                          # connect to terminal server
ts01#telnet fubar.com                    # connect to console of target server - finally
do stuff, then ~.                        # do stuff, then ~ escape character to exit zone console, to global zone

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