BJJ Black Eye

30 Mar 2010

I’m sporting a nice black eye at the moment from BJJ.

It’s not actually one black eye but three, all received in the last week. The first one was a jab in the eye at the Victorian (Australia) state competition last week (which I won). Then a few days later Eric (the feisty Judo black belt I like to tangle with) accidentally elbowed me – instant shiner. Then the following day Eleni accidentally scratched the same eye – ouch! I haven’t copped a black eye for years, so I must be doing something different. Hmmm..

It’s the start of Autumn here, so we’re back to more gi than no-gi training. A battle getting back into a gi, with the heat and humidity. Yesterday it was 29C (80F) with 80% humidity – erk. Our instructor (Daniel Sainty) is usually fairly strict about drink breaks, but last night he was positively encouraging us to drink water – four breaks in all during the two hours of training. But it’s hard living in paradise (Sydney, Australia) – clear skies, beaches, surf, good food from over 100 cultures, handsome Brazilian tourists and immigrants everywhere :-)

(Thanks to Gui Neves for the photo).

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