BJJ on Weekend

30 Mar 2009

This weekend I had a BJJ competition – the “6th Annual Australian Submission Grappling Championships” (what a mouthful) – here are some videos from the weekend.

The competition went all day and I didn’t get as many videos as usual as I was one of the officials too (table scorer).

*(For those of you who don’t know what [BJJ][1] is (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) – here’s a short history: at the start of 1900’s in Japan ** Judo split off as a sport from the more traditional Japanese warrior arts or Jiu-Jitsu. At about the same time there was a large wave of Japanese migration to Brazil. A family called ‘Gracie’ adapted and changed Jiu-Jitsu until it was fairly different from the Japanese version. Due to the success of the Brazilian form of Jiu-Jitsu in the UFC competitions in the 1990s, it was realised that **grappling skills (eg Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Pankration) are just as important as striking skills (eg boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai) (pretty obvious to anyone who’s seen a headlock in a bar/street fight) – hence the increase in popularity of BJJ. As to which martial art is “the best”, I’ll leave that to the arm-chair fighters in the forums – any martial art is good, as long as you train consistently over a long period – “3 months of xyz 5 years ago” doesn’t really cut it. And of course the best self defence is to not get into a dangerous situation or fight in the first place – by being aware of your surroundings, not getting drunk and obnoxious, keeping your ego in check when things get tense, and runninggggggg when push comes to shove.).

My injuries have been playing up and I’ve had the flu on and off for a month (arghh), so whilst I won both my grapples on points I wasn’t really on top of my game and I didn’t get any submissions :-( In both the grapples I was against smaller, more junior competitors so it wasn’t really fair on them, but none of the senior women entered – get off your as** and compete!!

My first grapple – versus a Moari woman from Boxing Works/Nova Uniao – she’s stocky and strong and being so short it was hard for me to get under her and take her down; but once we were down I just played my game – thanks Dan.

My second grapple – versus Karla from my own team. She’s only been training for about 9 months but she did really well and I think she’ll be a good grappler in the future. She’s also a capoeirista, and it shows it her footwork.

Some other grapples:

Genevieve from my team (green top and leggings) – she’s new but it’s really great that she’s entering competitions – they’re pretty daunting for a beginner. She was in the lighter weight division.

Just us (nervously) mucking around before going onto the mat. Like always, the waiting is the worst – butterflies, you feel ill, suddenly need to “visit the bathroom”.

Jason, a beginner from my team – he ripped his ear again and bled everywhere. Dude, wear headgear.

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