multiserver jobs exercise

15 Dec 2005

multiserver jobs exercise


  1. Have a second instance of SQL Server running, either by:
    • installing a second instance of SQL Server
    • starting up a second Virtual PC
  2. If using Virtual PC’s, check that you have network connectivity between both VPC’s:

    • ipconfig
    • ping
  3. Ensure that both instances of SQL are using Mixed Mode Authentication

  4. Using Tools, Wizards, Management, Make Master Server Wizard, setup Multiserver Jobs. Notice how an account called MSXOperator is created on both instances

  5. Create a simple job on the Master, and get it to run on the Secondary


  • remember to regularly refresh your display in Enterprise Manager, especially the Jobs node
  • the job may take some minutes to copy. Be patient; if taking too long restart both agents
  • check your setup by running this select statement on both instances:
SELECT * FROM msdb..systargetservers
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