sql 2000 administration exercise

10 Nov 2005

sql 2000 administration exercise


A complete install of a Microsoft Sql 2000 Server instance, and the creation of some additional objects.


Work in groups of three. One member of each team will be nominated as the TEAM LEADER who will co-ordinate job responsibilities with the rest of the group.

Time Limit

2 hours



Consultancy Fee

A $50.00 Consultancy Fee applies to each team that requires assistence from the Instructor; assistance can only be requested by the TEAM LEADER. A Penalty of $50 per uncompleted requirement also applies.


  1. each team has to install another instance of MS-SQL 2000 on their server
  2. each team has to create 2 login accounts using TSQL
  3. each team has to create 2 databases – any name will do – using TSQL
  4. each team has to create 2 user accounts each, for those databases using TSQL
  5. each team has to create a VIEW of your choice from the NORTHWIND database
  6. each team has to create a STORED PROCEDURE from the NORTHWIND database
  7. each team has to create a backup procedure of any user database created
  8. each team has send mail via SQL using xp_sendmail
  9. each team has to create a Database Maintenance Plan copying any data from the Northwind database into a database that you have just newly created
  10. TWO MEMBERS of each team have to show ANY REPLICATION between them
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